Society’s Blind Eye

“I challenge you to look at yourself, to understand your privilege and platform in this world. I challenge you to use that platform and privilege to raise social awareness in our communities. I CHALLENGE you to take action to level the playing field of “LIFE.”   Luke Fahringer

Almost 12% (841+mil) of world population suffers from hunger. Approximately 9million people die from each year.

It’s estimated that there are 40,000 innocent individuals behind bars. Wrongful convictions are devastating events that are unfortunately not uncommon. In the United States, there have been 2,095 exonerations of innocent inmates since 1989. In that time, an average of 8.7 years were spent by each person for a crime they did not commit; in total, over 18,250 years were served. The Innocence Project reports that 2-5% of people serving time behind bars are innocent. With about 2 million people incarcerated in the U.S., a 2% innocence rate would be equivalent to 40,000 wasting their lives in jail or prison.

More ppl died (1,129) from police violence in 2017 than the total number of US soldiers killed in action around the globe (21).

Hate crimes have risen for the 4th year in a row, up almost 6%.

“When you turn a blind eye to atrocities, you are complicit in them.” -David Crossman, A Terrible Mercy 11/17/2014

Where Is Your Focus?

You open your phone, tablet or computer…what do you do? Jump on social media? Post about what you like or don’t like? What about our society, do you dive in to understand what is really happening? Do you realize how many people all over are discriminated against, abused, murdered, have no safety net to fall back on, or even coerced into false confessions, having theirs lives ruined? What if any of that happened to you or someone you care about? It is real and happens every single day all around us!

We turn a blind eye to so much. We just pretend it isn’t happening when it isn’t happening directly to us or our circle. Open your eyes. Have meaningful conversations. Do not turn a blind eye anymore. Not one person can change the world. People coming together and fighting to can and will, I truly believe that. It starts with you and I though, we cannot just sit and hope that some politician will do it for us.

Luke, Why?

Within my blogs, I try to focus on my platform and how my voice can be most effective. As a white man, I understand where my privilege lies and where others start behind me due to this. So, in my ability to stand up for others to level the playing field of “life,” I attempt to stand up, raise awareness and make a difference.

This stuff is overwhelming, I get it. To focus on ALL of our world issues, especially if not able to recognize your own platform (many types of privilege, athletes have fame and media light, etc), can be overwhelming and a continuous spinning of the tires. When tires just spin, we do not go anywhere.

Even deeper, I get that standing up is scary. For standing up, people risk becoming a statistic in hate crimes. People have families, careers, an image…this can all be impacted or even ripped away by doing so. This is all something we have to take in account. At the end of the day, if we continue to turn blind eyes, we are telling society it is ok to that this all happens. Sacrifice is hard, scary, but the overall impact is bigger than just you or I.

I hope I inspire you to believe that not only can we change the world together, but to be a part of that action taken to change the world!

Wait, What About….”X” Statistic/Problem?

PS…just because I chose to direct attention to a few issues above does not mean this is only about those particular problems in the world. Nor does it mean I do not care about other issues or list one as more importance than another. This is not taking away from anything else. It is okay for people to express concern and voice these things without naming every topic. Once we accept this, we can better work together to create change.

This Is to encourage people to look beyond being “consumers” and to focus on issues around us. It is about not turning a blind eye when not happening to us/our circle. The focus here is not say “hey, pay attention to this one thing,” but to pay attention to everything that is real and needs attention.

“Do something every single day that contributes to making something better for someone other than yourself. These things do not have to be big, but take thought and an open heart. Little things add up, people see and feel the little things.”   Luke Fahringer

Lastly (for now), I want to tip my hat off to Joyner Lucas for using his platform to address racism in our country. This video/song is powerful, carefully addressing and shining light on an uncomfortable conversation that nobody wants to have (warning: video/song contains profanity and is very raw):

#ImNotRacist #2Sides #IWishThatIKnewYours

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