Lets ramble and chat for a minute. I need to start by telling you, we are not created to simply exist. We are not created to sit back and be silent. This is for everyone! Find your energy, find your purpose, educate yourself and do not ever let anyone or anything kill your drive!


Wake up and look around. Get outside of your social media bubble. Rid yourself of your selfish views and wants. Forget these media outlets choosing to sell hits and stories rather than the truth. There is so much, excuse my french, f*cked up sh*t in this world right now. But, there is also so much good, fire and beauty! So many people are pulling themselves and others up. I look around and see more chins up today than ever! One year ago, I never thought I’d be saying this. When we are faced with adversity and hate, we fight back. Do not stop.

Confidence, How?

The answer is simple. Obtaining this is the hard part. Confidence is derived through knowledge, relationships, truth and your internal fire, the will to not back down. No matter what your passion is or what you goals are in life, someone is going to attack you and your confidence. It isn’t about them though. It is about you and your confidence.

Knowledge: You can obtain the knowledge to anything in this world that you want. Resources, the people, it is endless. Step outside of your comfort zone and utilize! Do your homework. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Relationships: Focus on GENUINE relationships. This means having people in your life that not only support you, but ones that hold you accountable and tell you that you’re wrong when you are wrong. Find the relationships that will make you laugh, cry, relationships that make you wake up and want to be a better you every day! Find people that care about other people and the world, not just your circle. Find relationships so real, you care more about these other humans more than yourself.

Truth: You have to be honest with yourself to truly jump into this. Being honest with yourself is deep. You have to do a lot of self reflection. How do you impact your own health and happiness? How do you impact your community? How do you impact this world and it’s resources? Do you hurt if you see others suffering? Do you stand up for what is right? Do you use your platform to make a difference, knowing you could lose everything you have in doing so? Are you ok with that? Truth….do you speak the truth, fearless of the impact it will have on you? Find your inner truth, be truthful and don’t back down.

Internal Fire

We all have it somewhere. Demons try to distort our focus and shade that fire. Find what keeps your fire lit and run with it. I cannot tell you what your fire is. Today, I woke up at 5am, hit the gym, took my pup on a 2 mile bike ride and now sharing my brain with the world……my fire! I am in this to make a difference in the world, to hold myself and others accountable. I am in this to raise my son to be the most caring and driven human being in the world. I am in to defeat adversity, not to let it hold me down. My fire is lit, I promise to never let it be blown out. I hope I can inspire you to do the same.


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