Dear Youth, Never Stop!

You are an Inspiration, YOU ARE Our Future

Recently, we have watched our youth come together on a national level to speak up and demand change. I am not here to discuss political views or particular topics. I am here to send a message to our youth. YOU ARE an inspiration. Your voice DOES and WILL continue to make a difference. YOU ARE OUR FUTURE! 


Be the Elephant in the Room

Society often belittles or uses fear to keep us from speaking up. Change does not happen by “falling in line.” Change happens when people combat fear by standing up for themselves and most importantly, others. Often, you will become the elephant in the room. Life is tough. People are mean. More often than not, the media is simply out for attention, not to be fair and/or just. History books are skewed and have been modified, leaving out a tremendous amount of our true history. Your voice cannot be silenced. Your pride cannot be ripped from you unless you let it. Embrace the elephant.

rosa parks.jpg

Be and Stay Humble

Easier said that done right..?! Being humble when you have heartless counter protestors can seem impossible. Know, these people do have hearts. Unfortunately, they do not understand or know how to use them, yet. Every choice, every action, every word from you will be put under a microscope. Be kind to others, regardless of their words and/or actions. Turn the other cheek when attacked. Those on the other side of the fence will often cross the line attempting to get a rise out of you. Be humble during these times. Building a foundation is a delicate process. Negative words/actions will only diminish all that you have accomplished thus far. When you do have a voice, it is easy to fall into the pits of “my voice matters, yours is of lesser value.” Even if views do not align with yours, listen. Show the same respect you once demanded. Understand the humility in which you once felt. 

mlk 2.jpg

Never Stop!

Change has happened due to persistence and heart. This cannot be taken from you. When you feel it is you against the world, know there are millions out there that feel the same way but need a leader to follow. Know that you are inspiring others to stand up for what they feel is right. The world needs leaders that inspire and lead for the right reason, not greed. Be selfless and never stop fighting for what is right!

mlk silence


Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for unifying to demand positive change. Your voice and actions do matter. I believe in you!


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