#FOMO Rehab 

Let’s start here, I want you to take a moment to watch this Adam Alter TED talk. 

Simple yet powerful! Did you know “fomo” is now a recognized word? The definition if you have not seen: Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.
Fomo is causing us to miss out on what is happing in our life NOW. Take a look around at concerts…75%+ of attendees are Snapchatting or recording the LIVE event. 1. It sounds nowhere near as good when replayed, 2. we will usually never watch again anyways, 3. we are most likely with people we care about and not invested in that moment with them. We are literally missing the experience of NOW. Another example as hit on above…lunch/dinner tables. People are more vested in their phones than the human interaction. Not to mention, these dinners/lunches are typically with the more important people in our lives. Be invested in now. Find ways to create distance and “stopping cues.”

I do want to jump into one other topic that is becoming more hand in hand with the above. Screens continue to be introduced into our lives at earlier stages. Doing so further lessens our confidence as well as, courage when living in the NOW moment. 

Let’s get a little insight on the brain real quick. This video can be a bit repetitive on saying the “5 Second Rule” as Mel Robbins is promoting her book. But, it is worth a watch to get a quick snapshot of what is going on up there. 

Here, Mel Robbins discusses the 5 Second Rule:

This rule does not mean you need to necessarily “respond to others” right away. This is referencing productivity, the things we “don’t want to do” but know we need to. It also references situations in which we know will benefit us but if we think on, we overthink/back out. Remember to always keep emotion out. If you’re emotional, it is best to wait to act until you have had time to think through and calm down. Read previous blog posts for more insight on how to handle emotion. 

Get off your device and go invest in NOW!

Until next time ✌🏻

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