The Power of No!

So anyone can say “No” but can you overcome it? When I say “overcome,” I want you to begin to think about “how you respond,” not necessarily immediately turning No into a yes. No is similar to adversity. We are all faced with it from time to time in our lives and it is one of the biggest challenges to overcome. Let’s stay on track and focus on that two letter devil word though..

So, there are three options when presented with a “No”

Option 1: Give up and do not put yourself in a position to get hit with “No” again. So, this is absolutely the easiest option. The result of this can be anywhere from a lowered level of self-confidence to deep depression and loneliness. Do not go this route, you have way too many resources available to avoid it…in which I will guide you below.

Option 2: Get mad, become aggressive and pushy! Externally, this negatively impacts you as you will be avoided and may be deemed untrustworthy. Internally, you build stress and anger, causing unhappiness within yourself. Don’t be that deserve better and so do those around you!

Option 3: Overcome/learn from! Yes, I understand this is easier said than done. Obviously, the best choice would be overcoming. Often, we are too afraid to ask why or attempt to overcome though. What good can come from asking why? A lot actually, do approach courteously.

Tips to overcome No: 

  • #1: Think of NO as a word that is out there but should never be said. Overcome it before it can become words..
  • Build Rapport/Discovery: Before even asking for a yes, create a genuine relationship/do your due diligence in educating yourself.
  • “Q&P”…”Q”ualifying & “P”ositioning.
    • To properly qualify:
      • Ask open ended questions, do your research
      • Identify benefits to choose “yes” (not biased opinion, clear facts)
      • Do not ask until you have a clear benefit/s, properly QUALIFIED
    • Positioning
      • Based on this information (information you have gathered via qualifying)…
      • ASK/Pursue! Get it out there, worse case scenario, you’re going to get a no to learn from

When No happens, learn from it:

  • Ask directly for feedback on why No
  • Utilize resources/family/friends/peers: Most likely, someone else has been faced with a similar No in their life. Ask for feedback and advice, be open and listen!
  • Practice and/or role play
  • Teach others!

So give it a shot….No is the worse that can happen! I assure you the reward will conquer the fear!

Let’s go back a bit (like 8 years)…


I was invited to interview for a store manager position at a cell phone company during my senior year in college. The panel consisted two Regional Managers, Justin being the hiring RM. Towards the end of the interview, Justin asked me what my favorite word was. Immediately, I responded and told him “No” without thought. They both looked at me and laughed saying they had never heard someone give that answer, asking me why. So, why was that my response? Let me go back a little further and share how “No” became my favorite word at this time.

During this time, I was working in an inbound call center at Citibank. Think about when you have to call in about your credit card, how frustrated and/or short you are or have been. Ya, this is what I was dealing with…and trying to sell to these customers on top of that. Now, imagine having an extremely difficult customer hang up on you and immediately, another call comes in “ding ding.” I had to get back into great friendly character immediately to build rapport with this customer so I could attempt to close some sort of sale before we got off of the call. The majority of calls lasted several minutes at most, meaning I was taking hundreds of calls per day. It was during this time I really began to focus on the power of No, option 3 most importantly. By focusing on eliminating option 1 and option 2, I was able to close more sales AND improve customer satisfaction survey results. This is when I began focusing on “The Power of No!” and using to teach others.

Now, I know the above is in regards to sales. The power of No has come in to play in many retrospects of my life from sports to school and most importantly, my career progression. It is through continuing to focus on pursuing option 3 that I have and will continue to thrive and achieve overcoming any and all No’s I am faced with.




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