Thank You Mom!

Today being Mother’s Day, it makes sense to recognize my Mom in my leadership blog. I once saw a quote “Men are what their Mothers made them.” I can say personally, my Mom has played the biggest role in guiding me to be who I am today.

Love With Meaning: My Mom has always shown unconditional love. I have learned that love does not mean always nice and supportive. Love means, always there whether it be encouraging, supporting or correcting and holding accountable as needed. This has taught me to love but love with meaning.

Be A Good Listener: When happy and wanting to share joy or down and needing to vent, my Mom has always been there to simply listen. Now as an adult and looking back, I find that sometimes others just simply need a good listener.

Respect: This can be one of the hardest values to learn as it involves sharing, putting the feelings of others before our own and hard work. Respect also involves admitting when wrong and using mistakes to teach others. I still remember stealing a Mark McGwire baseball card from a local baseball card shop when I was 9 years old. Once my Mom found this out, she immediately drove me to the shop to apologize to the owner and to pay for the card. After I (she) paid $40 for the card, you can bet I worked through various chores to pay this debt back to her. I was embarrassed and the chores were far from easy or fun. This taught me to consider how decisions can impact others, their perception of myself and to face mistakes I make.

I would not be the man I am today without your love, you being a great listener and teaching me to respect others and myself. Thank You Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day, I Love You!

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