Impact of a Mirror

As leaders, it is important we continuously use the impact of a mirror strategy in our everyday business. Doing so will deepen relationships, lessen turnover and generate a higher level of productivity in the workplace. The impact of a mirror strategy consists of 3 primary topics:

Placing Blame

Who do you look at first when you find a problem? Always look in the mirror prior to placing blame on any individual. What type of leadership do we show at all times? How do we conduct ourselves when around other employees? Have we created an environment in which employees can truly grow in? Did we set clear expectations? Overall, are we setting others up for success? To sum it up, begin by pointing your finger inward first. By first pointing the finger in, we are taking full ownership in the development and environment we provide for our employees.

Walk the Walk

It is easy to “say” you are going to do something. We understand that downward accountability is important, but upward accountability is even more important. As a leader, you must make commitments and stick to them. Be honest with your team, set realistic commitments that challenge yourself and follow through. Lastly, share updates so your team knows you will walk the walk.


Reflection, of course, mirror + you = reflection. Reflection consists of more than just reflecting on the issue/s and employee action/performance. SELF-REFLECTION is the single most important piece in the impact of a mirror strategy as it makes the above possible. Take a moment to read the questions that follow. Do not limit yourself to just these questions though, simply use as a foundation:

  • What characteristics make me a leader?
  • Do I display any characteristics of a poor leader?
  • How can I become a stronger leader? List in highest to lowest priority and tackle accordingly.
  • How am I currently investing in myself?
  • What is the perception of myself via my direct reports? Corp office? Peers? Community? Customers/Guests? Family?

Feedback is encouraged

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