Team Participation, Who’s In?

I get it, not everyone comes to meetings wanting to participate. Not everyone comes to work wanting to work together. There are two primary obstacles we must overcome to generate a higher level of team participation:

  1. Energy: In most meetings, we spend a lot of time sitting. Sitting causes our fluids to slow down. When our fluids slow down, we become tired and disengaged.
  2. Comfort Level: This can be a challenge in several aspects. The first challenge is creating an environment in which every individual is comfortable working with any other individual on the team. The second challenge is the natural fear of performing/participating in front of the team individually.

To overcome these challenges, we have to get our team’s blood flowing. Along with the blood flow, we have to create an environment that encourages 100% participation so we learn to work together and challenge one another. So, how do we do this? Check out these three steps below:

Creative Team Activity: In order to generate 100% participation, you must use an activity that requires each individual on your team to be creative! By doing this, all are involved and working towards a common goal/initiative. Now our blood and juices are flowing…which is our goal right?!

Engage a Leader: Work with one, or a couple individuals, to lead this activity. By engaging a leader, you are handing over ownership of this activity. Doing this results in a deeper level of engagement by that individual at minimum. Next, you want to run through the ins and outs of this activity with this leader. Running through the activity builds confidence in the leader as well as, allows you to mold as needed. Lastly, as a leader, participate with the team!

Encourage Laughter: Making an activity fun will in most cases, create laughter. When laughter happens, your team is becoming more engaged and comfortable with one another.

The following video provides a great example of overcoming the energy and comfort level challenges before a store meeting. You will find an engaged leader, an activity that requires creativity from each team member including myself and lastly, team laughter. I must add, this took place at 7 AM and the majority of us are not morning people either!



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